And on the Seventh Day…

I don’t go to church.  When filling out profiles for online dating,  I check spiritual but not religious.  But I was raised Catholic and respect all those that wish to attend.  Wish it went both ways, but that’s not what this post is about.

Going to Catechism, or Sunday School (I think Catechism was the suburban word), we learned that “on the 7th day he rested.”  And I remember thinking, even at a young age, well then is He hearing our prayers when we attend mass on Sundays? Now I know that different religious scholars will argue about whether that’s actually Saturday or Sunday. I think they battle over whether New York thin or Chicago-style thick is better at the same time. After all, how can you really have a good debate without food? But my parents now attend mass on Saturday evenings so the same holds.

My thing is, why can’t God have the weekends off? What about church being on, say, a Tuesday? Not Monday, because nobody wants to do the heavy lifting on Monday. But Tuesday is when you really kick in. If we are made in His image, then isn’t some of that in reverse, and He’s got the same need to relax, recharge and be approached about the big decisions just like the rest of us?

I mean, come on, if some mid-level executive takes til Tuesday to decide whether or not you have a job, don’t you want the same from the All-Powerful when it comes to deciding the fate of mankind and the World? I know I want someone that’s fresh and rested.