Monday doesn’t like Monday

Once upon a time there was a day called Mon.  He was lazy, tired and sad.  No one liked him and even the other days made fun of him.  He yelled at them, “but we’re all the same!” Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday looked at the other three and the Weekend just laughed and they joined in even loud.

Monday hung his head and went off by himself. Cal Endar saw him sitting alone and came to sit beside him.  “Why so glum chum,” Cal said.

“I want to be popular like the other guys.”

“Oh Monday,” Cal said, “they all have their problems.  You just can’t see them. Tuesday is when the work day really begins and so there’s so much pressure to perform. Thursday’s the same after Wednesday being hump day and not knowing what that means. Friday is so over-stimulated with anticipation and the last two are sooo  built up with expectation they can barely stand the pressure. So you see they all have their own difficulties to deal with.”

Monday looked at him, then looked at the ground, then looked back at him. “I’d still rather be Friday or Saturday, they get all the girls.”

The End.