A Conversation with Angels 5


<sighs> “Hi.”

“Having a bad day?”

“I wish I could. They won’t let you up here. You’re not smiling and suddenly everyone wants to know what’s wrong.”

“Yeah, or they want to play you a harp solo.”

“I hate harp solos! I could barely stand guitar solos, I always wanted them to just get back to the song. But you can’t be rude here, you can’t tell them to quit it.”

“No, then you’d have to face him.”

“And he’s just so forgiving. Isn’t there anything I can do that would maybe get me put in a dark corner or something, I could use a break from the light.”

“Yeah it seems like he’s overcompensating a bit doesn’t it? But I guess it was pretty big.”

“Well yeah, he did send Jesus to the cross, but why does all mediation have to end in me feeling better?”

“Yeah it would be nice, I mean don’t we need the bad with the good?”

“Exactly. I thought God was all about balance. But not with Pilate around, as long as he’s in charge of all the decisions we’re doomed to be nice.”