A Conversation Between Angels 6

“Is it safe here?”
“Yeah I got out of the crossfire.”
“With all the happiness and bliss up here, you wouldn’t think they’d get so upset over some news from Earth.”
“I know and God isn’t even mad.”
“Yeah it’s all the rest that couldn’t even get a book published.”
“Exactly. God doesn’t get mad at the Jews for thinking his Son is false and most parents put their children before themselves.”
“And He’s not mad they’re calling it the God particle.”
“No, I overheard him tell Moses that however people see existence that makes them comfortable with life was ok with Him. Then Moses just went on a rant about having to carry the Ten Commandments and why couldn’t he have invented the iPad sooner.”
“Yeah and some guy was saying it was because the Pope was German and he was probably related to Einstein.”
“Oh man that’s one guy who’s celebrating. I saw him and Buddha and they’ve been drunk for three days laughing their asses off.”