A Conversation Between Angels VIII

“Have you met the people you wanted to meet?”

“Well, I met Edison. But it was a pretty one-sided conversation. It’s almost like he’s trying to figure out how to harness this energy and get it into a light bulb. I did get to meet Gayle Sayers and Walter Payton of the Bears, but only briefly. Those two do nothing but compete, from running around the pearly gates to playing chess. I guess you don’t lose that instinct. How about you?”

“Well the line for Jesus is really long and never seems to shorten. It’s like he’s doing that water to wine thing with people. And he does go on!”

“The Holy Ghost always seems to have a short line.”

“it’s true, but from what I heard it’s cause he’s always complaining about how once God had a kid he didn’t get any attention anymore.”

“Ah, first child jealousy thing.”

“Yeah, something like that. Oh, you know who was really fun that you wouldn’t expect?”



“Nixon? The President? The Watergate guy?”

“Yeah turns out he is really funny, he’s like a stand-up comedian. I guess after all the trouble he had he figured ‘fudge it’ and he just started talking about all the mess that happens in government and he’s just hysterical.
And it turns out the guy can smile.”