Weathermen are Weird

Let me being this post by saying I didn’t know if I should say Weatherperson. But I don’t remember hearing that word and having spent the last twenty something years in the performing arts and having actresses and comediennes change and prefer to be called actors and comedians, and not be separated, I thought I would leave it. But I do want you all to know I’m going to make fun of both.

The inspiration for this post began as many; at the laundromat. That’s where I see the ridiculous and the characters. Both these adjectives were fully realized in the form of the Sunday afternoon Weatherman on ABC in Los Angeles. I did not get his name since the sound was not on. I don’t think it would have been entertaining if the sound had been on.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

This gentleman brought the weather to life with some fancy dance moves and the skills of a pantomime artist. This was the only time I’ve been entertained by a mime, again mainly because the audio was off and he wasn’t doing it on purpose. But this guy gestured, lunged, moved his arm in a sweeping arc, with great vigor and expressive body movement, all to explain the weather forecast for the next few days. Since that forecast here in Southern California is for the weather that most of the country has had for record breaking days and weeks, in the 90s and very humid, I don’t know what he was doing other than an interpretive dance devoted to “heat.”

Where does this man’s passion come from, for the weather? Was he a sick child who had to sit inside and just look out the window; so this is all he dreamed of, talking about the weather? I admire his enthusiasm, but is it helpful? Again the sound was off so I don’t know what he was saying. It made me try and remember what they did before these screens with the changing weather maps and there’s lots of pointing and gesturing. They are the only ones on a newscast that are visible below the belly button, so is movement training part of the meteorological degree program? Or perhaps the news and sports reporters are dancing like crazy under the desk! It can’t be any worse than the morning news programs in major cities that try to be “light and fun.” Take it from someone who studied, trained and has performed comedy for thirty years: they should stop trying to be funny.

The Barbie Dolls

Now I don’t really like lumping and stereotyping women together, cause I looove women, but the weather girls are really all the same: pretty and perky and plastic looking. I call them girls because it’s almost as if the producers don’t want them to be smart. They just smile and giggle and talk about the weather as if a day of snow, sub-zero temperatures and dangerous sleeting ice is “like the funnest thing ever.”

I would so like to see a woman who looked like Roseanne, chomping gum and saying, “it’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna suck, stay in the AC and watch Netflix.”

The truth would be refreshing. They should say things like “we hope” or “we think” because the weather is unpredictable as any one who has ever studied physics knows. The dancing man and the glossy girl still make most people say “those guys don’t know a thing” and go back to the age old method of opening the door and looking outside.