Truth in Journalism

Ok, Mr. Michael Moody, Publisher of American Airlines’ American Way magazine, how can I trust that anything you, as publisher, allow to be featured in your magazine, has any credibility, when I open it, turn to YOUR article, and it starts out with a lie!?

You see Mr. Moody, if that is your real name, you begin your story entitled “The Bucket List” with the phrase, WE ALL HAVE, and go on to say that everyone has a bucket list either on paper or in their head.

Well Mikey, I Have Neither!

Better check your facts next time.

BTW, Thomas Horton, CEO, on the page before says “We’d love to hear what you think” and gives the URL address for comments. While you’re in editing mode you may want to change that to “We’d love to hear what you think, but don’t be a silly goose and expect a reply.” I know I’m still waiting for a answer to my question.