No Rest for the Waking


I wake up most mornings without the alarm and would love to take it slow, luxuriate in bed, before getting up. But I have to pee. Always.

I guess I shouldn’t complain because I assume that means I’m healthy and haven’t begun to develop any prostate or urinary tract or any other trouble that when I first heard of those words in my 20s it simply meant, “god you’re old.”

But I want my little dreams, my little fantasies. Nicole is a redhead with long curly red hair, amazing fair skin with the cutest little freckles and she loves to get up early and jump on the bed to wake me up. She smiles at me with those green eyes and I pretend to be “grumpy guy” until she razzes me and pushes me trying to get me up and then we finally wrestle and make love.

Tracey is an Italian woman with long curly black hair, amazing olive skin and the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. She wakes up slowly, a curl lying across her face as if posed there by a photographer. She just whispers “coffee” and I do my pee thing, then retrieve the coffee and bring it back, but she says she needs some cream or other dirty entendre and we make love.

And then there’s Julie. Long curly blonde hair, amazing tan, fit body and she has a key to my place and comes in all smiling and strips off her clothes as she comes to my bed and we make love. Then we surf or some Southern California thing.

So what have we learned? I am one horny little dude. Also, long, curly hair is my kryptonite and I can’t stop thinking about it. Third, I am still a healthy male and wake up not only having to pee, but “ready for action”, shall we say, and so the first thing I think about is the same every morning.

Judging from the older men I know I should just shut up and get a date. So any female readers in the South Bay area, please feel free to comment or friend me on Facebook (that is the first date in the 21st century isn’t it?)