When Yoda was Younger


We Star Wars fans are known to go beyond the movie and postulate on backstory, front story, sideways and diagonal. So I’m wondering, what did Yoda look like when he was younger?

After al,l the guy’s 700something (and right away any fan that reads this is going to say I am not a fan for not knowing the exact age. That means I have a life and have had a girlfriend) so I assume he didn’t always look like that. Since his species is not defined, are those what-appear-to-be-wrinkles in fact wrinkles or is that the normal skin condition? After all, a frog looks like its mid-thirties by day two. But is it possible Yoda once had smooth skin like say, Kermit the Frog?

And what about the slump, or stoop, or whatever you call it. Did he used to be taller? We see him lose the cane and go all bad ass in the “other generation’s Star Wars” but is that just in times of high adrenaline and necessity, or is he faking it all along. After all, the one thing we do know is that he is a pack of opposites, acting like an old man when he can still lift an X-Wing fighter with his mind. How frickin cool is that?

And that brings us to his speech. Did he always talk like that? Was he from a foreign land akin to our Europe, because they reverse their adjectives and nouns. Dia grande is great day. Or did Yoda just develop his own way of talking over time? I know that I’m now ff. I’m sorry, I am ffff. Hmm. I just turned ffff. I just can’t get that out. Anyways. I don’t care what’s fashionable or proper or hip. I use the word groovy all the time and get looks. So is that Yoda’s thing? He’s got nothing to prove. He’s got the Force in him stronger than anyone. Who cares what other people think when you got that going for you?

I do know one thing. Yoda rocks, it’s time to watch Empire Strikes Back again, and of course…

May the Force be with You. Always.