Return of the Geek

He’s back. He doesn’t wear glasses anymore, he’s not overweight, and he can talk to girls…but there’s not doubting it: The Geek is Back.

I learned how to program computers in high school when computers didn’t have screens. They were just keyboards attached to giant machines attached to even bigger printers. You typed out programs and things printed out on the big tractor style printer. It wasn’t quite like the movie War Games but it was cool.

I was really good at math. I was the king of memorizing equations and getting A+’s on tests with that memory. I got a 35 out of 36 on my ACT tests for math and science. Which is why I became a magician.

I ignored all the counselors that said I should go into computers and go to college. I did very well for over twenty years. But now I’m starting to design websites. And the little nerd in me is popping out.

I missed the geek revolution. The Big Bang Theory, The Apple Store Genius Bar and Comic Con has elevated geeks to a new level. But I’m old and wise and self-confident so I don’t need to be accepted.

I’m sorry, give me a moment. I can’t believe I just typed that line. You can become thin and gorgeous, but if you were a nerd in school that always lives in you. So I retract that statement. If cute girls think it’s cool I design and write things on my laptop, I am still going to be shy and not know how to ask them out.

But that’s not why this blog topic came to me. What I realized as I struggled this morning to figure out a couple of hurdles understanding how to get a site to work in WordPress is that I love figuring stuff out. That’s what makes a geek. It’s not the clothes, it’s not the toys, it’s the need to figure out a problem. And the great feeling when you do.

So that’s why geeks become geeks. Because you ignore your hygiene, you ignore social interaction, you ignore other obligations, because your mind is focused on fixing the problem. And it can’t be distracted until it “gets it.”

And then you move on to another one. Keep on geeking baby!