Water Cooler Talk 9-20-12

I missed my usual Wednesday blog because of technical difficulties, so I wanted to do my random thoughts. It’s my version of water cooler chat, sending it out to the Universe. It’s my mom’s favorite.

Do you think toasters are jealous of microwaves; they’re bigger, sleeker and faster?

Why aren’t large trash bags large enough for the trash cans-they’re always folding in so you end up with garbage in the can itself?

I don’t tell the weather with a trick knee, but because of the hair it does a great impression of Abraham Lincoln.

I think there’s only three things that are actually 99 cents at the 99 cent store. Why can’t they just change the name, $1.59 is still good.

While we’re on name changes, I think Two and a Half Men needs to change, that kids’ old.

Wine is the classiest of drinks, yet it started with people stomping on grapes. Not so classy.

You know what America needs: more chords. We don’t have enough things plugged in.

Pizza should be served at every event. I have never met a person that doesn’t like pizza. Yes, please feel free to comment, I want to know why if you don’t like it.

Why is math so hard to remember? I remember words and grammar and physics and perspective, but I couldn’t tell you what a cosineΒ is.

Does the sun ever just get tired?




17 thoughts on “Water Cooler Talk 9-20-12

  1. Wednesday is not Wednesday without water cooler talk….thanks

  2. Now I want pizza. πŸ˜€

  3. This is my first time with the “water cooler talk”…love it!! Especially the pizza part…you’re right …it can be eaten morning, noon, night, and anytime in between! I’m all Italian, but I’ve never stomped grapes! Ha!!

  4. So true-wine isn’t classy πŸ™‚

  5. Love your “water cooler talk”! Especially the part about the “large” trash bags! This drives me INSANE! Thanks for making me laugh today! looking forward to next week.

  6. Humidity turns me into a dead ringer for Roseanne Rosannadana.

  7. Sun never gets tired as it goes around but does get a bit dizzy, as we move around like a bird .
    Math is not suppose to be remembered but only used, people would get offensive if such a remark is made to them, so it does figure all .
    Pizza can be served but some like dips.
    Two and half men producer has to grow up too..mentally πŸ™‚
    Toaster gets bread burned and micro..its a waves play.
    last time we smuggled trash bags, everything is going green and trash has to be recycled if we want to clean.
    double digits long gone but the appeal is still on.
    Sorry that you missed Wednesday..we actually forgot :))

  8. I love pizza, but my cholestrol is through the roof. I have not had a slice in almost two months! When I go nack to the doc and my number is down, I am consuming an entire small double cheese pizza by myself!

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