To All My Fellow Bloggers

I had a great influx of views from Freshly Pressed and I answered all comments. What I didn’t know, is that once you “trash” a comment, it is then deleted on your site. I thought it was just deleted from your dashboard. So my apologies to all that didn’t see I acknowledged and thanked you. I greatly appreciate your support and visits.


7 thoughts on “To All My Fellow Bloggers

  1. How sweet..never thought about getting deleted would make anyone remember 🙂

  2. Sounds like my “smart” move the other day when my Recycle Bin popped up to be emptied, & I didn’t know what that meant…so I told it to restore…and I “restored” hundreds of crummy photos that I painstakingly deleted over the summer 😦 Duh!!!

    My son hates when “I just don’t get it!!”

  3. Thanks for posting this, I couldn’t decide if I hadn’t hit the “post comment” button. or mebbe you didn’t like my comment. 😉

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