The Mummy


The Mummy seems to be the wuss of the monster genre.
 At least as depicted in the black and white films I watched as a kid. He was just this bandaged, slow moving, non-threatening creature.
If he walked into the emergency room they’d yell “gurney” thinking the ambulance dropped him off and no one wanted to do paperwork. He looks like a little girl who wanted to play doctor and got carried away with too much gauze wrapping up daddy. Daddy’s inside saying “Honey can you put a straw inside daddy’s beer and give him a sip?”
And then there’s that walk. I picture this little kid riding by him on a tricycle, continuing to stare and wondering why he can pass an adult so easily. Teens would circle around him with their hands at their temples, looking like moose ears in the universal symbol of “nanner nanner.” Meantime the Mummy’s inside his wrapping thinking “You know what, in the 5th Century BC, I was somebody and you would not want to cross me.”
Lastly there’s the noise. When Boris Karloff played him in all the classic movies, all I remember is the sound coming out like the guy was constipated of his girlfriend was doing nice things to him. No menace to be found.
Yeah, I’d say The Mummy, although an easy costume, is not in the Top Ten for Monsters on this upcoming holiday.
We’ll give Dracula the once over in the next installment of my Halloween series.

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  1. a costume mummy can not fit a pot belly..then it would be pregnant and no one can stop laughing..but we want to be dracula recommended….

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