Halloween: An Equal Opportunity Holiday


Halloween is anything and everything to every-body. Halloween does not discriminate because of age, gender or religion. Maybe that’s why so many people like it. You don’t have to ascribe to any certain doctrine or rules; you simply have to want to act like an idiot and eat & drink way too much. It’s like getting the good of every other holiday without the mother-in-law.

All the introverts turn into extroverts. The librarian becomes a sexy nurse and the accountant thinks he does a really good impression of Jack Sparrow (probably even believes he looks as good as Johnny Depp after a little rum.) Some spend exorbitant amounts of money on costume, make-up and other accouterments, while for some this is their creative moment of the year. The pencil pusher becomes DaVinci, with ingenuity and cardboard.

For over 25 years I’ve worn the same costume, that of a magician. I have entertained at hundreds of children and adult parties, from small house parties to hundreds of people at a city event. And I can tell you one thing with great certainty: there is no difference between the four year old wearing a costume jacked up on sugar and the forty year old wearing a costume jacked up on vodka. They’re both out of control. But it’s fun. Everyone is in good spirits for Halloween; it’s about imagination, it’s about being someone else for a day.

Halloween doesn’t ask you to go to church or to temple. It doesn’t ask that you decide if this is the year for your parent’s or your husband’s. It doesn’t ask that you stand in line for the latest toy or stress over getting the right gift for all seventeen people in your family. It doesn’t ask you to fast or pray, to cook and clean for hours, or use the good china. It just asks that you go to the grocery store and get some candy.

No one gets the day off and no one calls in sick the next day. Everyone shares the same fun experience on October 31 and shares the same hangover, from sugar or booze or both, on November 1. Halloween: the equal opportunity, non-discriminating, non-denominational, fun for the whole family (and the single folks too.)