The Best Halloween Movie


Last week I wrote about monsters and I omitted what I consider to the be the best monster and Halloween movie: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

Now I’ve never been one for scary movies. Although rather shocked by The Exorcist, I remember thinking, even as a teenager, that girl is going to be messed up for having to play that character. And The Blair Witch Project had one creepy ending but at that point I admired the filmmakers for their creativity in creating something scary on such a low budget. I never cared for slasher movies or haunted movies, I guess I’ve had enough scary stuff in my life.

But give me a good comedy with a dose of creepy and you got me! I guess that’s the way I see Halloween; it’s all just fun with a light undertone of creepy. You know, The Munsters, Addams’ Family, they both had it. And Abbott and Costello Meets Frankenstein is the king.

Who can forget the scene where Lou is reading about Dracula and the coffin is opening so the candle slowly slides down? And then his inability to get out what he saw to his partner. Just pure comedy gold, a scene that can be watched over and over.

Maybe it comes from the fact that I’ve been doing magic shows every Halloween for kids for the last 25 years. I love just doing a little bit and yelling “Boo” that startles the kids but I know 2 seconds later they’re going to be giggling their little heads off. There’s just so much trauma and sadness in this world I sure can’t see creating any more, so just a tiny little fright followed by a whole lot of laughter is my way to go.

So let’s forget the election, forget the economy, forget all the bad news; and have a little fun tomorrow.


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  1. I’m with you, I’m going out to get some popcorn balls as we speak!!

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