Tattoo Taboo

Ok, female readers, I’m appealing to you. I have this compulsion: I want to understand things I don’t understand. But it is often difficult to ask my question because my logical brain goes through the math and determines that the question would elicit either a punch or a f&*k you. As charming as I can be and I always want to ask the question beginning with “I really do not want to insult you, I am just very curious and want to ask you something”, I’m afraid it won’t work. So perhaps a female reader or two can shine a light: what is up with boob tattoos?

When I was 19 I knew a woman named Holly who had large breasts. My brother would have called them ginormous. She seemed to always be loaded with the phrase “take a picture it lasts longer.” Now I can assume that it is annoying to always have your breasts stared at, but in her case it almost seemed like she was ready to say it before it even happened, like a defense mechanism. The other inconsistency is that she used those very same breasts to try and seduce me with a very tiny bikini. I was not available at the time. Unfortunately I don’t remember her last name in case she is single now as well.

So what do we do about the boob tattoos. They mostly seem to be writing so is it ok to read it even though the woman is “up here?” They seem to often stretch across the entire chest and therefore can not be read by the woman wearing a shirt. So perhaps it is special instructions for those that get to see her naked; a map of things to touch and such and in what order. Or maybe it just says “touch these before asking and you be dead.”

I don’t know. I am respectful and therefore am still inclined to try to look at a woman’s eyes. Ok, truth be told I’ve always been a butt man so I am the “staring after the woman passes” type.

But I am still curious why to get a tattoo there, is there something special it hopes to accomplish and can we look? Anyone that can comment and share an opinion or fact, that would be just “tits” (sorry as boys we used that to indicate something was awesome, not sure if boys still do.)


12 thoughts on “Tattoo Taboo

  1. I think, though I do not speak from experience, that if you get shit tattooed across your boso, you’re asking for attention. Hope you don’t get punched for lookin’ on account of my opinion.

    • Wouldn’t that be funny, “but a blogger told me that was ok.”

      Get the woman to tell one of the LA County Sheriffs what happened and I’m on the news and the spike in my readership will get me that book deal. Thanks!

  2. Well personally AND speaking from experience, my answer is pure and simple. STUPIDITY. Yep, I have a small one, ran out and did it when I was 19 and wish every year when it’s time to put on a pretty dress, that it wasn’t there but it’s cheaper to get it than to get it removed. Mine has withstood the test of time pretty darn well too unlike a lot of them out there and for this I shall be grateful. I would never punch you for looking. I would think about punching you for looking and being irritating šŸ™‚

  3. An excellent question. Despite having boobs and a tattoo, I don’t know the answer (My tattoo isn’t near my boobs). I think angrypumpkin in onto something, and the answer usually lies with youth and impulsivity.

  4. nice post..but I will skip the question šŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you Mrs Fringe.

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