Bart Simpson Where Are You?


really don’t want to hurt another human being. But I really want to strangle someone. Disney, Lucasfilm, Pixar–well you’re all the same cause Disney owns you all–have I got an idea for you!

What if you made virtual cartoons? Just like Homer Simpson strangles Bart and we know it’s not real, what if you manufactured characters that we could virtually strangle and never hurt another human being? Because after spending two hours with customer service for my insurance company and the USPS to try to clear up the problem with the fact that an invoice was returned to said insurance company, I would get extreme satisfaction, and thereafter, inner peace, if I could wring someone’s neck that looked like a customer service representative.

Just think about the marketing!! Everyone would want one! Hell, everyone would want five! Postal worker, DMV worker, store clerk more interested in texting than helping anyone, the list goes on and on!

Perhaps there’s someone out there who lives in the blog world, spends a lot of time on computers and has the know-how to create this but not the marketing savvy. The world needs to be relieved of stress with the way the world has evolved and those automated answering services aren’t going anywhere; they’re just going to get more maddening!

 Let’s talk.


2 thoughts on “Bart Simpson Where Are You?

  1. Amen. and could it look like my mother? (Shhhh) she doesn’t have a sense of humor, and she doesn’t know how to use a computer.

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