Two Great Truths


There are two great truths I believe: everyone should be nicer, and it should not be cold in Southern California.

“It’s always 72 and sunny in LA.” That’s a line from Steve Martin’s “L.A. Story” and in the three years I’ve lived here I’ve found it to be true. So when I found myself today wearing a long sleeve shirt under a sweatshirt and a knit cap on the top of my head, I was sure that the Mayans had just missed it by a few weeks. Now I’m sure that your reaction will be somewhere between “Aww, poor baby” and “F@#K YOU” depending on where you might live. But I was cold!

When I frist moved here it was October and people were wearing fleeces in eighty degree weather. I couldn’t understand it. For the first six months I never wore long pants. The only reason I did switch from shorts is that I got a job as a US Census Crew Director so I had to look official. Shorts and a T-shirt is business casual here, but I had to look a little more respectful. But it was only cargo pants and I still had a short sleeve shirt on, no jacket.

Everyone told me my blood would thin. That is the statement that has been made since I moved here. That I would start to feel the subtler differences. But my Chicago skin has been forged over forty years and so it has not changed. I have not shed the skin for a Southern California wimpy version. Today I was cold because it was cold.

It was 55 degrees.

6 thoughts on “Two Great Truths

  1. It’s 6am and it finally got down to 25 degrees here in Vegas.

    I work outdoors, so I usually hear the opposite side – 5 solid months of “Hot enough for ya?” with a big grin. Like they’re the first person to ever say it. But I grew up in the OC, so I definitely remember getting a sweater for Christmas and not being able to wear it without being drenched in sweat. I honestly hated 24/7/365 sunshine and perfect weather.

    • Spending most of my life in Chicago, half the year was “hot enough for ya?”, other half “cold enough for ya?”. So I”m still mostly ok with the sun being out and it being warm, but I miss the rain.

  2. I’ve never worn a short-sleeved “shit”. Bet no one wanted to sit by you on the bus. ; )

  3. it was 55 yesterday in Ohio. I was almost sweating it was so hot. I wore sandals.

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