The Science of Farting




Boys love farts. That never changes no matter how old they get. I”m also convinced that girls think farts are just as funny, they’re just often brought up to say how childish it is by their well-meaning mothers.

But they might be able to surpass that opinion if they could only appreciate the science of farting. Think about it, it is often that your finger must be pulled in order to fart. How is that connected? It’s utterly amazing. And how often must we lift one butt cheek in order for the fart to occur? I there some sort of bio mechanics involved that the twisting is necessary? And lastly think about the science of lighting your farts. That the gas produced could cause this tremendous flame to be ignited is simply a miracle of the natural world.

The other thing that might sway more women to be more accepting of the fart is its artistic merit. And that brings us to Le Petomane.

Joseph Pujol, or Le Petomane, was a French flautist, or professional farter, who performed in the late 1800s and beyond in places as famous as the Moulin Rouge. He made sound effects of cannon fire and thunderstorms, played the ocarina and was able to extinguish a candle from several feet away. He actually passed air and not intestinal gas, but it still proves the power of the butt and it is something to be revered.

So us boys should be looked at in a different light, we are not just merely giggling at the sound and the smell, but admiring the art and science of the fart.

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  2. Ahh! I am speechless 😛

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