Inauguration Day


So President Obama was sworn in for a second term. I’m glad. It’s simple mathematics, anyone can see, that your first term is a lot of leftovers, and when your predecessor was George Bush, well they’ve been sitting in the refrigerator way too long. I think every President deserves a second term. And frankly, Governor Romney just looked like he’d change his mind depending on who was asking. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Don’t think any of them are. I believe that they are the same kids that I was, reading about Presidents of the past and believing that maybe, just maybe, you could do it. (Not me, I’m content to write and be a comedian, that job would be, like, hard.)

Should be an interesting four years. I was still living in Chicago on the day in November when Obama won the election. My buddy scored a couple of tickets at the last minute and his wife didn’t want to go. So call in the single guy! It was amazing. Everyone filed in there in an orderly fashion, going so far as to let you go ahead of them! This is the same Grant Park that my girlfriend almost got beat up by this big ole b*tch at the Blues Fest because she asked the woman not to kick the blanket and mess up the picnic.

It was the most peaceful large scale crowd event I’ve ever been to, and I saw Simon and Garfunkel at a ball park. Everyone was so filled with hope and love, leaning their head on their partner’s shoulder. The only thing missing was the soundtrack to “Hair”, everyone singing the Age of Aquarius.

But the feeling didn’t last. Things didn’t change overnight. Unemployment was not wiped out by February of ’09. The war didn’t immediately end, the troops didn’t immediately come home. Everyone’s lives didn’t change.

So cut to four years later and I’m living in Long Beach. This November election night I heard all kinds of firecrackers and homemade fireworks going off. As I lay there knowing I wouldn’t fall asleep I tried to contemplate the meaning. Were people angrier? Was this joyous, “the rockets red glare?” Did they just have leftovers from Fourth of July and they hadn’t had a good reason to use them?

And how was the celebration in Chicago? I saw a bit online and it looked more of a relief kind of applause then the “let the sunshine in” of four years earlier.

So now President Obama’s slogan is Forward. I hope he gets the things done he wants to get done. And leaves the leftovers for Hillary. But when I look at the deficit and the state of the country, I believe, that the road to change has to start with the man in the mirror. I have to work harder and pay off my debt. I have to stop getting angry at people that are asking for money. I can’t really afford to give out, there’s just too many asking and I don’t believe in helping one if I can’t all. But I don’t have to be irritated. By anything. I have to let the sunshine in to my cells and get all of my disappointment, anxiety and fear to leave me so that I can be successful. And then maybe I can help another.

Let’s not wait for President Obama to fix things, let’s fix them one and all.


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  1. Change-forward-replace-rewind-action-take-edit…change-forward…

  2. Love it! I agree! It has to start at home.

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