Weekly Water Cooler Talk 1-23-12

<i>Weekly random thoughts. Since I’m self-employed it’s my version of water cooler talk: no one to talk to so it goes out to cyberspace. Please feel free to comment, it would be nice to talk to someone other than myself.</i>
I ate seven burritos. Just set a new long jump record.
How come no one in the media commented on Malia yawning while her dad was giving his inaugural speech?
They spent more money on the inauguration than any before. You would think that would hire  someone who would really sing the National Anthem.
Will the Bush library just have pop-up books? I just picture him laughing at them. Well more like Will Ferrell doing his laugh.
Does Juan Valdez drink his brand of coffee or does he go to Starbucks?
I’m at the grocery store. Oh sorry I thought this was Facebook.
I liked seeing Hillary Clinton a little pissed off, I’m betting she’s been holding on to some anger for some time.

a + b= c2    Whatever Pythagorus, it was

It feels lazy when a magician plays solitaire on his iPhone instead of real playing cards. I mean me.

The guy who voiced Charlie Brown in all the iconic specials from the 60’s was arrested and  charged with 12 felony counts of making criminal threats and stalking. Man that football thing really messed him up.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Water Cooler Talk 1-23-12

  1. Why there are talks on bangs rather than the inaugration event?

  2. inauguration*

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