Top Ten Things I Miss About Chicago

10. El Tapatio sidewalk cafe on Ashland and Roscoe in the summer
9. Memorial Park
8. Wrigley Field
7. Da Bears
6. Mom*
5. Dunkin Donuts at Lincoln and Addison
4. The lakefront bike path
3. Friends (DB, TD, DD, JB, MM, RD, CF, DR, TJ, HR)
2. Cousins
1. Dad

*I put mom at number 6 because I haven’t gotten a “Brat!” email I’m a while.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Miss About Chicago

  1. I’m not going to argue about where Mom, Dad, Cousins and friends are on this list but The Lakefront Bike Path, for you, would be above all the rest. You love the lakefront bike path. You know you do. Why you didn’t marry it while you were here is beyond several of us. We are glad you left her behind. She misses you. So do the rest of the things on your list.

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