I Feel Good. What’s Gonna Happen?

I’ve been happy lately. Calmer than I’ve been in many years. But isn’t it funny that I should wonder what’s going to happen to take that away from me?

When you see someone and ask “how’s it going?”, it is basically an invitation for them to dump a load of poop about their lives right on your shoes. We seem to gravitate towards the negative. Maybe more so in the last ten years of economic woes and conflict abounding around the world. Maybe it’s everybody from Lance Armstrong to catholic priests not turning out the way we saw them. If our heroes are f*#k-ups what hope do we have?

I look at CNN.com and the Huffington Post for inspiration in writing my blog. Man you can get so depressed so fast. Luckily Mr. Boffo is also one of my bookmarks. But we’re all obsessed with complaining about the state of things instead of looking for alternatives or panning for good (just came up with that, do not use without my permission.)

We need shows like the Brady Bunch instead of Honey Boo Boo. We need Patch Adams running Obamacare. And we need to stop eating fast foods, it’s messing with our moods.

There’s a simple tenant of cognitive behavioral therapy that says things don’t bother us, only what we think of those things can have an effect. So I’m gonna let everyone else be a-holes and I’m gonna smile and wave to them from this ride.

I like this guy.