Weekly Water Cooler Talk 2-6-13

Thoughts, rants and raves from the self-employed with no fellow employees to kibitz

Does the gym called 24 Hour Fitness really work that fast?

Miller Lite beer has used their “great taste” vs. “less filling” campaign for years. You’d never see a coffee company do that with caffeine vs. decaf cause we know who’d win.

At 150 pounds I’m scared of big women that wear animal print tights or blouses. I think they’re going to eat me. And not in a good way.

At what age do we stop wanting to giggle and smile at everything?

What happens if the satellite beam that broadcasts television had a big lunch and it’s too wide for the dish?

My conscience called and wants me to make up 1728 days. Man Lindsay Lohan has got it easy making up for her sins.

Do countries in the Middle East have the same security measures at their airports ?

I wouldn’t want to work at the post office-those shorts are very unflattering.

In Southern California there are two types of cuisine: eclectic-fusion-organic and tacos.

I want to drive a tractor across the country and dig for people’s hopes and dreams.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Water Cooler Talk 2-6-13

  1. I want to drive a tractor across country and dig for hopes and dreams. I think that sounds like an awesome TV show. I’d watch it. And I agree that those shorts are unflattering. I’m sure a lot of postal workers care about fashion. Then again, maybe not.

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