Say Hello

One of the things I’m determined to change about myself is having a short fuse. No getting irritated at the homeless asking for change, no getting upset at skateboarders and bicycles on the sidewalk. No more getting mad at customer service reps and automated phone systems. And I seem to be getting help.

Lately people have been saying hi to me as I’m walking. My immediate reaction is that they’re going to ask for something. But they don’t. They just say hi. In a pleasant way. What is their plan?

It’s funny how most of us walk looking straight ahead, not making eye contact with anyone. We don’t want anyone to bug us. Women don’t want to be leered at by gross guys. Men don’t want to be leered at by guys period.

But I’m getting used to it. And I like it. I wonder if it’s the people in California or the people in Long Beach. Regardless, I’m saying hi back. And sometimes saying hi first. It’s nice. We all need some human contact in these times.


Power to the people.



6 thoughts on “Say Hello

  1. I grew up in a small town in county Durham in UK. When I was younger everybody said ‘hi’ as they passed. when I moved to Middlesbrough then Leeds I noticed people didn’t do it as much. If you smile or say something to a complete stranger they seem to freak out. I think it makes someone’s day if you just say hello or smile.

  2. A bit narrow minded to think people smile and say hello only in California .

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    • I meant that maybe it’s people here that are getting in better moods. Or if I was to be selfish say that they’re here for me. I can only comment on here as that’s where I live.

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