I Got It! I Got It!



Ah accomplishment-you’re such a wonderful yet fleeting feeling.

I recently hurdled a big block in my quest to become a web designer and open up my business. The wonderful yet elusive WordPress, yes the very same that is allowing this blog to come to you, is an amazing open source software. Open source is loosely defined as being available to anyone if you can figure out how to use it.

Now it’s not all that difficult, but since it is a free software it does not come with a manual. There are tons of tutorials out on the web and in book form, but you can find yourself thinking you’ve got the answer, but like anything on the web, everything’s got a link to it and before you know it the whole day is shot and you still don’t have the answer. You may know what Brittany or Lindsay flashed though, there’s always tangents.

But I figured out something the other day after weeks of work. It all fell into place and it felt wonderful. The late nights, the frustrations, the worry about whether this was going to get done and could I actually start making money at this melted away.

And then it was Saturday.

Now, I’m really curious and I’d love to hear from you out there. Are you able to soak it in and let it elate you for a couple of days or are you on to the next thing like me?

Because, for me, I come from a background of tumbling, juggling and magic. And in each of those the mastery of a skill felt like, well magic. But then you were on to the next one because your act was never perfect. So it was that fleeting sense of accomplishment followed by the hard work and frustration of moving onto the next skill.

Not that I mind hard work. And I love the web stuff. I learned how to program computers in high school when there were no screens-it just printed out on a huge printer. My high school counselor suggested I go into computers because it “was going to be big,” but I wanted to be a magician. Well here I am thirty years later and I hope it’s not too late.

I do feel good about my skills and the future in this biz, but I guess I should go learn something new. The web changes very fast.


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  1. To quote one of your favorite movies, “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky!”

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