Please Tie Your Shoes

There’s been a fad for a number of years of not tying your gym shoes all the way, sometimes not at all. What’s wrong with me? Mine fall off when I do that.

I have little feet. So maybe it’s just something that us small-hooved aren’t allowed to do. Isn’t there a way around that? Isn’t there some kind of insole that I can use?

Please I want to look cool. I saw this photo of Josh Duhamel at the fancy premiere of his latest movie with the (grrrrr) lovely Julianne Hough. Look how cool he looks, at 40, with his pants tucked into the tongue of his high tops? You can only do that if they’re loosened.

Come on, I want to get the “respect” of my fellow Angelenos when I ride the rail. Won’t someone help me.


2 thoughts on “Please Tie Your Shoes

  1. To be honest, I think he looks like a douche. Act your age Josh– is he taking fashion hints from Bieber. Please!

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