Evolution of Abbreviation

Professor I.M. Board recently completed a 10 year study into whether or not the evolving of the use of abbreviations in our speech and communication has been an issue of the type of technology we’re using or a natural human evolution.

It’s a classic chicken or egg type of question and Prof. Board based his studies both on monitoring his control group on their email and texting messages as well as quarterly interviews.

He posits that our speech has changed due to the demands thrust upon us in modern times. We once had time and expressed ourselves through language and writing and so “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo” has slowly dwindled to “Sup. Where u at?”

In a Huffington Post interview, he was asked to distill his findings.

“Well. We’re lazy.”

2 thoughts on “Evolution of Abbreviation

  1. Yes, and being an Italian from NJ…we talk a lot…we talk fast…and we’re in a hurry!! I went to Louisiana years & years ago to my older brother’s wedding…whoa, those people t…a…l…k so very s…l…o…w ..l…y!! Took all day for something to come out of their mouths…they should definitely use abbreviations in talking!! Ha! I’m not trying to be mean…lovely people and such fun, but of course they couldn’t understand a word we were saying either…too fast for them!!

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