Why Don’t Girls Play Air Guitar?

Why is it that the male of the species is so much more inclined to perform air guitar along with a song than the female?*

Is it genetic or environmental? As teenage boys, we had posters of the “rock gods” captured in poses during concert performances. They looked so cool, with the lights and the costume and the promise of women. When any one of the songs came on we had to assume the position.

Now that might just be where the difference lies, seeing as our right hand was strumming and picking along at our crotch. The male is much more interested in getting near his “area” than the female is during the pubescent years. Although every young (and old) girl does seem to be interested in that area once the male has established himself in that particular discipline. So maybe it comes back to the reason men do everything-we want girls to touch us down there and this was just our subliminal way of showing it.

But it is a rather instantaneous reaction. At any age, if the right tune comes on we boys are inclined to “play along” and it doesn’t matter who’s watching. I recently watched a musical performance on Saturday Night Live and wondered what do the boys of today, with a mostly hip hop and rap dominance, do to imitate the musicians they love-there aren’t many guitars. Do they pretend to be programming computers to rip off a riff from a previous artist? From what I’ve seen, I guess it’s just enough to wear gold chains and yell along with the words. Man their dads must go nuts, mine just told us to wear headphones.

I guess the main thing is probably that boys can’t dance and so they pretend they’re making the music so the girls have something to dance to. And we do love watching you dance. 🙂

*The picture included features Lola, so maybe my theory is completely invalid.

3 thoughts on “Why Don’t Girls Play Air Guitar?

  1. Strings are pulled 😉 and tune is played..dance away..as always..smooth or not, hip hop or jump..yell or scream..it is a youthful stream..where everything is fresh and lively as waves..swimming away..fast and faster..no point to stay..its life..is passes away

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