To live in television…



How wonderful would it be to live in the world of television? I don’t mean in the world of programmed television, because that’s full of ridiculous un-reality and silly sexual innuendos. I mean the world of commercials.

In that world you buy the right clothes and you smile bigger than you’ve ever smiled. You break into strides befitting a dancer, which only makes sense because you are soon joined by other dancers on the absolutely spotless street right outside the store to swing your bags and boogie to a song from the 70s.

In the world of commercials children suddenly become polite and say thank you to their mother who has just heated up the contents of soup from a can.

In the world of commercials a little pill can change your marriage, your life and the lighting in your house as everything becomes brighter.

A guy can dream. Of a happy life without the worries of medicinal side effects, credit card debt or the toxins in the intestines. I remember, briefly, as a child, I though the people in the TV were very real. It was a very brief phase because I was a brilliant child, but I long for that innocence. Perhaps I will dream of that tonight. Now where did I put that Ambien?


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  1. I want to live life in a commercial life. Where did you say I can sign up?

  2. How true

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