Won’t You Please Give



Ladies and gentlemen, these people need us, please pick a charity to support.


This charity helps those who are afflicted with the brain disorder that affects their ability to pull the back of their shoe on and are only able to smash it down.

Out to Sea

This charity gives money to those that still have a land line so they can replace them with cellular.

The Hebrew Project

Such an easy one, because for a just a few dollars per person, this charity will provide “arrow” signs for people to understand they should walk on the left side of the sidewalk, just like cars, so everyone can pass.

Pillow Talk

This is a long time coming. This international charity insures that every man, woman and child has two pillows to sleep with-one for their head and one to squish between their arms and/or legs.

Girl Power

This charity gives money to the stars of the HBO series “Girls” so they can get therapy. Man that’s some serious stuff on that show.