When the Make-Up Comes off



I don’t have a television, so I don’t see the news on a regular basis, I read it on the Internet. But visiting my family I’ve watched, and wondered, are these poor people getting the necessary therapy?

I know that news anchors face a lot of pressure to maintain their looks. Where one time that could have merely meant make-up to make their faces look good, more and more their entire body is shown and they must maintain good physical condition. But that’s not what’s worrisome, that pressure. These people start reporting about death the minute their job begins!

Our news is inundated with the tragedies of the day and how can these folks read these reports day in and day out without  it getting to them? They have to smile and read the stories with an unbiased voice, but come on, some of them are starting their days with this information.

I worked with kids for a long time and I thought I was going to go nuts. Hour after hour of small human beings that didn’t understand and appreciate my needs. I’ve counseled people with drug and alcohol problems who didn’t think they had a problem — then you never see them again and wonder if they make it. But I eventually got another job where I only had to deal with children a few days a week and the substance abuse counseling was only once a week, these poor people that bring us the news go on a vacation maybe once a twice a year and then they’re back.

Do the networks take care of them? Do they provide for the PTSD after they retire? Is there a retirement home where they’re all just mumbling “three died in a horrific crash today on Interstate 57?”

I hope there’s something, cause I know I’m depressed and I’ve only been here for a week.


One thought on “When the Make-Up Comes off

  1. NEWS..North East West South..coming from all four directions and with satellite, spreading like fire, then anchors got to report back and sometimes we get a glimpse of them at odd places..good / amazing news seldom gets announced..so left with tragedies..and when we do amake-up and got a good physique is it to make the tragedy less..sort of diverting the mind from what she says to how she looks 😉
    But..ofcourse there are programs for many problematic situations and government does look into those, with budget and progams..that seldom makes people open their eyes or discuss..so doesn’t get blared like the torpedoes ..but for an ordinary person..a smile comes..when something positive is done to make his life better and easy..when life is hard..its time to start living..again….with a forces smile .

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