Killing Them Softly

I’ve always been fascinated by the meaning of “kill them humanely,” in reference to animals. Do the animals appreciate it?

On the way to heaven does a rat think, “thank you Lord for the human that ended my life. It was so great that you picked one that used the Rat Motel. My accommodations were great, the bed was so comfortable and the meal-OMG-room service-was just to die for. If it would have been one of those snap traps with peanut butter, not even cheese, that has claimed so many of my brothers and sisters, well that would have just sucked.”

How about the turkey? “Oh yeah I looked good laying on that table. Stuffed with walnuts? Now that’s living-and dying.”

Of course it’s so we feel better. I typed the phrase into the Googster and one of the first entries was a blog that expressed the opinion that killing the animal for dinner good/ raising them inhumanely bad. So if they’re comfortable it’s better on the cow-that makes the fate worth it?

I don’t know, I’m not making any judgements. I’m just wondering– how do we find out? Maybe Disney can help.


3 thoughts on “Killing Them Softly

  1. Never thought about how the animal felt.

  2. Me neither. that’s what sparks my curiosity.

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