And Then She Said…


Scientists studying the brain and evolution at Occidental College have made some interesting discoveries about cell phones, now that they’ve amassed data over twenty years. It seems that our brains are packed with too much information and interaction need and cell phones have allowed us to evolve and let those synapses fire more easily.

In the 20th Century we had to wait until we got home or to the office to have all the important conversations that we now can do instantly with a cell phone. They say that life expectancy will probably begin to rise in a higher exponential factor not that our brains are not “clogged” with the facts that are reported on an hourly basis.

So go ahead and talk endlessly while walking down the street and driving your car. Your not paying attention to anyone else is actually beneficial to you. And the next time someone sighs while you’re talking on the phone in the grocery store, tell the caller to hold and tell the person how you are only doing what evolution wants.

It is the dawn of a new age. So gossip, talk for hours about nothing, swear for everyone to hear! Viva La Difference!

2 thoughts on “And Then She Said…

  1. Nooooooooooooooooooo..don’t talk as you walk please pay attention where you go and where you are sending others to 🙂

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