The Fair Is Open

There is a great episode of the sitcom from the 1970’s, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In this particular episode,  a young man is being given a chance to become a photo-journalist (although he doesn’t really want to do it) at the TV station. There is a big fire and he’s sent out to capture it. He comes back with film of an ant farm and says, “I wanted to show that right near this destruction, life goes on.”

I thought of that when I took this picture this morning.



This is at the entrance to the Grand Prix this weekend. I couldn’t get past this point to take my usual walk around the harbor and through the oh-so-cute Shoreline Village without a ticket. So today as I watch them hilariously try to get the temporary stairs down, smelled the poop of the port-o-potties, and stepped aside as they sprayed every manner of pavement, I thought of that line-“I wanted to show that right near the destruction, life goes on.”

Once again, downtown Long Beach, and the shorefront marina area in particular, is my sleepy little quiet beachfront town. Of course, government just wants their big event, and if the money pays for stuff that we locals enjoy, then that’s cool. The cynic in me thinks not, and I could question whether it really is economically that feasible as it is inconvenient for many as there are months that go into the construction of all things necessary, but that would take work.

But I’ll leave that to others to bitch about. How much the race gets in the way, rar rar rar rar.

I’m just glad to have my walk back.

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  1. Out in our area we have a thing called Septemberfest. It’s a mess after three days as well as very costly.

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