How Time Flies…Away


I was recently in a building, spinning around like a dog chasing its tail. It seems, the analog clock is extinct.

In my little mind this brings up two questions; should we be sad and does it matter. Some nostalgic things you can think of and smile, maybe miss. Like the old corded phone that you wrung around your fingers til it was filled with kinks. Old reel-to-reel tape recorders that were just too cool. And of course pots and pans. Oh the crazy past where we made slow food.

But there are still time-telling devices, they just rarely have hands. They’re probably more prevalent, because most of us have a cell phone and a computer. If you’re like me, even thought the clock is right there, you don’t notice it as you visit all manner of science and great literature web pages (wink wink.) In fact, does anyone use it on there. Phones are for games, texting, email, surfing the web-never for the simple functions of telling time or making phone calls.

In fact, over my lifetime, people are indeed less on time. Even though there are more places that tell you the time, we seem to listen that much less. We’ve got more to modernize and make our lives easier, yet we can’t seem to get anywhere any sooner, it’s most often later. And then we blame it on something else.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that we don’t pay attention so much. Maybe we need to relax more and not be in a hurry.

Just don’t forget to pick up your kids.