The Movie Musical

I saw a story that Rocky is being turned into a musical. With that and Spiderman, I decided to come up with some titles of my own from television and film.

1. “Bullwinkle: The Musical”

Imagine what Julie Taymor, the creator of the Lion King on Broadway could do with a moose and squirrel. I can only wait breathlessly for the diving into the bucket scene.

Hit Song: “Fan Mail from some Flounder”

2. “All in the Family”

I haven’t seen it, but I understand political incorrectness is alive and well and who better to bring back then Archie Bunker. I”m sure in the last thirty years, he’ll have a lot to say.

Hit Song: Need I say it? “Those Were The Days”

3. “Perfect Strangers”

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick teamed up again! But who would play who? All I know is the Dance of Joy with those two guys on stage would bring down the house every night.

Hit Song: “Don’t Be Ridiculous”

4. “The Drew Carey Show”

The Drew Carey Show actually had a number of musical-style productions during their run so it’s really a natural. Question is, can Drew Carey leave the cush job at the Price is Right or will someone have to play him?

Hit Song: “Cleveland Rocks”

5. “Silence of the Lambs”

Hey Phantom of the Opera did it, why can’t Andrew Lloyd Weder turn this frightening tale into a full blown musical? The success of Les Miserables proves that people love a depressing, sad story and although a dark horse, could be the hit of 2014.

Hit Song: “Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti.”


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  1. I would like to write the song for the Bullwinkle musical.

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