One Year (and counting)


Today marks one year since I started this blog. What began as an idea to publish something once a week in the hope of gaining the attention of a literary agent has turned into a nearly daily invasion of your life. And not a single phone call. And I’m loving it.

I just want to thank everyone who’s following me. I’ve had a tremendous influx in the last month or so and I’d really love to know where you folks are coming from.* I’m even more grateful for those that have been following me from the beginning; it appears as if no one has left.

It’s a challenge to write something every day and one that I’m really going to take on this second year-see if I can make it 365 days. The great thing is that you can write a couple and store them up because some days you just can’t find the funny. I couldn’t yesterday, too many frustrations. But I’m going to keep the goal in my head and like I said, last year the goal was once a week and it quickly became once a day. Imagine how much I can put out if the goal is once a day? Nah, I think that’s enough and that way I’ll stockpile in case I get  sick or if I ever get a girlfriend again. 🙂

What will happen this year to spark my humor? Ah such a wide open field. I try not to go for the easy jokes and stay away from politics the best I can. In fact, I’ve taken the same attitude that I took as a performer. I try to avoid the easy. Even when I worked in dinner theaters, I tried to never cuss. It was too easy a laugh, and in my book, lazy. I’ve rewritten many blogs because the first draft was too b*#chy and I tried to find a funnier way of expressing my opinions. I’m proud of myself for that and I hope it is more enjoyable to read. The phrase that always sticks out in my head is “blog vs blah blah”  ©Jeffery Todd. 

In other words what’s writing and what’s just whining. I think we should leave that to Facebook. I want to finish my novel this summer and I’ve gotten to be a better writer doing this every day. I’m also going to design this site to my own whims now that I know WordPress. I’ll make sure to get everyone migrated over.

I hope you’ll stay. I’ve been a performer for twenty years so I’m used to knowing the audience is there. I love it when I have a line or a blog that makes me tickle or makes me think I did a good job, had something to say. So keep the likes and the comments coming, and please feel free to write me* and tell me which ones you like and which ones you don’t like-I’ve entertained drunks and kids, I’ve got a thick skin.

I get most of the clip art images I use from WPClipArt, so thanks to them. Oh and please, keep sharing, I want that agent this year too.

Today I turn one and it’s the perfect metaphor because I’ve barely learned how to walk as a writer. I keep bobbing and weaving and falling down. But I also keep getting up and trying again. I’m gonna get it or my name ain’t Jeffery Todd and I don’t have the same bald head I had when I was a baby.



4 thoughts on “One Year (and counting)

  1. Congratulations, Jeff, really quite an accomplishment. Having only just started mine and not really blogging on a regular basis –more on a whim–I can appreciate the effort a daily blog must take.

  2. Looking forward to the next year!

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