I’d Like To Thank….

I have been given two awards from fellow bloggers that I really appreciate, and hate that I haven’t been able to get to them properly. Since that might still not happen for a week or so I’m going to go ahead and thank them because I want them to know how honored I am.



Amy of Sober and Skinny gave me the Very Inspiring Blogger award. She is doing some amazing things on her blog, helping people facing challenges by sharing her own. If I’m inspirational to her, that’s cool. Very cool.



And Kalabalu, which is just the funnest name to say, bestowed The Best Moment Award. Having been on stage for many years, I’ve always learned to treasure moments and I really find this humbling as well.

I have not done either award justice and if I was better at web design and not still taking hours to answer a question, I would attend to them immediately. But I will when I can take the time necessary but didn’t want another day to go by without expressing my gratitude.


2 thoughts on “I’d Like To Thank….

  1. I’ve been meaning to say this on your One Year post, but I do think you’re very inspiring. You’re funny, original, manage to post a lot more than I do, in addition to running another business. …if you manage the 365, which I’m sure you will, then I must do at least once a week.
    See? You’ve inspired me again.


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