The Head-butt

I was trying to remember the first movie where I saw a head butt. It’s now become so common in action movies it’s the way characters say hello. But why?

Who came up with it? Is it really used in normal street fighting? I don’t know, I don’t see a lot of fights nor do I seek out the fight as entertainment and I think it might be legal only in the Ultimate Fighting scene.

But back to the movies because I think that’s the only place where it’s really used. Was some action choreographer pissed at his sink one day and to get back at it he chose to butt his head against one of his stunt men? Because I’ve hit my head on my sink when I’ve dropped a contact lens and it hurts. I want to hurt the sink back. So it would make sense to me that there was some kind of revenge element. Or maybe some demented pay it forward notion?

And the director saw it and yelled “brilliant!” and they put it in? I think it was the movie “Lethal Weapon” that I first saw it, but I searched the Internet and couldn’t find any definitive answer. Don’t know, but now it seems obligatory. “Hi, nice to meet you.” BAM.

I would be afraid to bow before the Queen because the old bird is going to lay me out. Regardless of the origin, I think it’s about time we took them out of the movies because kids are probably doing it to each other and that’s why they wear their pants down around their butts the way they do now.

Please, Hollywood, think of the children.