Late Night Roulette


Lately I’ve been stuck in a late night cycle, the graveyard shift of my own design. Well design is not the right word, for it happened by accident. One night I could not sleep because of noisy streetwalkers and noisy neighbors. I’m sorry, I really mean people walking on the street not prostitutes. So there I was, not able to fall asleep until 5:00am that morning. And now I’m stuck.

For the past week or so it’s been 6,7 ,8 am before I fall asleep. Which means that I wake up between 1 and 3. I miss half the daylight, I can’t have breakfast because of the New rules, and I end up drinking a soda instead of coffee for a pick me up. It’s madness.  And I can’t get out of it.

Since all I’m doing right now is designing websites, it doesn’t matter when I do the work. Except that i miss the good craigslist ads looking for WordPress programmers and they end up going with someone else that will do it for $100. But I’m able to keep up with my work. Because I’m getting enough sleep. It’s not insomnia. That was the original title for the blog but that’s not what it is. But just for the heck of it I looked for a picture or clip art that reflected insomnia and nothing came up with Google. So then I googled bug eyed and this is what came up.

Christina Ricci


Christina Ricci is bug eyed?  I happend to think she’s very lovely and I don’t think she looks bug-eyed.  This is bug-eyed.



and hysterical.  I love him in Young Frankenstein, and he had a brief variety series when I was in my teens. Marty Feldman is truly a funny man.

But there’s the problem. At night you tend to go on too many tangents. Although it doesn’t matter what time I’m writing code for a website, I don’t feel as productive. I’m worried about making too much noise and I keep trying to go to sleep so that I can reverse this spell. So then I waste hours just lying there trying to count my bills in my head. It’s very difficult.

I’m sure my younger self is having quite the laugh. Oh how we beg our parents to let us stay up. I loved the late night when I performed at some clubs and wore black all the time. I didn’t want a schedule. That guy would think I’m silly.

But now I like colors and I like the daylight more. I have more energy grooving with the rhythms of nature instead of the caffeine of Diet Coke. Tonight i’m going to try and just stay up again. Hoping the exhaustion stays at bay for the entire day. Or maybe I’ll end up in a Google search for the origin of sleep medications and natural alternatives.