Fate of the Fair Weather Fan


In Chicago, the Blackhawks are kicking some butt in the Stanley Cup playoffs and I wonder what it would be like to watch it here since LA’s being beaten. But from what I’ve seen on the trains of fans going to see the LA Kings I think I could take them. 🙂  But really, as I read the Facebook postings of people saying things like “Yeah our Hawks got er done” and I know these people and know they don’t give a sh*t about hockey, my thoughts go to the concept of the fair weather fan.

I have been privvy to the cult that is the fair weather fan four times-1986’s Bears Super Bowl win, 1991-1998 when Michael Jordan and the Bulls killed it, the 2003’s Cub’s Almost and now the recent 2010 and this very moment time for the Blackhawks and the Stanley Cup.

Chicago has very loyal sport’s fans; they have to since the championships are so few and far between. The Cubs are over 100 years due. And Chicago really does have good sports fans because it’s cold there a lot and so there’s not a lot more to do than sit in a bar and watch the game. Of course, in the Summer sitting in Wrigley Field and watching a game with a beer or seventeen is really one of the preferred recreational activities as well.

But even with that sort of developed loyalty there are still the fans that only come out when the team is winning. I remember in particular that after the Cubs won in the 2003 season, the following year there was an influx of Paris Hilton-looking women with high heels, short skirts and a cell phone they talked on throughout the game. They only stopped to feed the little dog in their purse. The worst part was the increase in ticket price started to make it impossible for the long term fan to afford any seats that didn’t require an oxygen tank.

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m being sexist in this statement. First of all, I think women in a sports jersey are really hot and I’m all for them cheering and knocking back many drinks with everyone. Second, I’m not a big sports guy.

I’m like the guy that would hear Bickell scored a goal today and would say ‘Travis Bickle, you mean the guy from Taxi Driver?” I can only really appreciate football and hockey because they were the only ones that I was able to play for a short period of time before everyone else became taller than me. I did watch a fair amount of baseball as a teen because it suited my chubby years of snacking and lying around on the couch. And not really needing to pay attention.

So I did love when the Bears won because I understood the game and could appreciate what was happening and because my then girlfriend was an even bigger fan and she looked really cute in her Butkus jersey. I also really got into the Bulls years with Michael Jordan because he was just so amazing to watch. He and his teammates, and all basketball players are really incredible athletes, it seems like one of the toughest games to play and such a demand of endurance, wit, speed, grace and a little juggling, all things that I admire as a performer, gymnast and movement fan.

So I’d basically rather throw a frisbee, throw a cartwheel or throw a tennis racket when I just can’t seem to hit the ball than I would just sit and watch the game. And it ends up being safer, I don’t have to pretend I know what’s  going on. That’s the advantage of living in LA, I don’t know anything about these teams.

AND remember fair weather fans, you could be caught! Then again, most sports fans are drinking so they can easily be won over. Enjoy the game.