My Brain Hurts

I was watching Wolf Blitzer, actually I was watching a clip of him on the Daily Show and I don’t even know if I’ve spelled his name right but I don’t care enough to look it up.  Anyways he looked so serious, and maybe he always looks that way, but it got me to thinking-when you have to report on all of this death and murder and corruption and evil, does it get to you?

I worked for the census in 2010 and my boss was, well, to put it nicely, an idiot. He worked us like dogs and started texting at 7:00am and didn’t stop until after ten. Nothing but census census census, facts and figures, for eight weeks straight. What seemed like such a cool job was quickly just like any other government job. I’m assuming, I’ve never had any other government job unless you count evading the IRS. Boom.  (totally kidding)

So what’s it like when you have to hear all day blah blah blah and those are the good five minutes because the rest of the time it’s all the garbage that goes on? How do you turn that off? And I know they’re well paid and they can take some pretty fancy vacations, but from what I see they’re not gone long enough. How can someone do it year after year?

Do you get immune to it? I’m tired of seeing so much bad stuff but I don’t look at it that much. I take a peek at the headlines in the morning and then some check-ins during the day, more to see if there’s something funny to write about or what Miley Cyrus is wearing. That’s news.

It’s easy to hate these guys and criticize and make fun of them, but man what a job. Hope they like it.