Pain Free Holidays

Funny how easy it is after Mother’s or Father’s Day. It’s just over. Next year you repeat-a card, a visit, a call. That’s all you do.

Sure some may have a hangover the next day depending on their particular mother’s or father’s proclivities. But really that probably falls more on the mother or father and not the siblings, because they most likely had to do the driving so they were smart.

But there’s no big letdown. Christmas, Halloween, Hannukah, they all have a lot of planning. Schedules, gifts, costumes, there’s a lot of build up and it can seem like a letdown after it’s over or maybe there’s even disappointment that it didn’t go well or you didn’t get a Snickers.

There’s probably no upset stomach, there’s probably no regret at something you said to a family member, there’s probably no credit card bill to face. No you simply got to spend a little time with your mother or father, they appreciated it, and now it’s done. Back to normal. If you’re the mother or father, you have to get your own breakfast today and people won’t be quiet so mommy can sleep.

So thank you Hallmark*, thanks for creating an easy one.

*I don’t know if Hallmark is responsible, I just went for the easy name.



4 thoughts on “Pain Free Holidays

  1. I’m sooo in favor of pain-free holidays…thank you for suggesting it!! So get to work right now on how to make them ALL that way!!

    Start with Christmas…as a matter-of-fact start with the whole month of December!!

    I’m tired and stressed just thinking about it…and it’s only June!!

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