Plight of the TP


Toilet paper is very under-rated. Perhaps it’s the fact that we just expect it to be there, but I really don’t think it gets the respect it deserves.

Maybe I don’t watch enough TV but I don’t see as many commercials for toilet paper as I do for facial tissue or paper towel. (Ha! Kleenex I didn’t use you like I would normally, so as to not further advertise-damn) Is that because there are so many ways to show the ‘quicker picker upper’ but there’s really not much to what’s involved in the toilet tissue’s job? Or are we too puritan and don’t really want to show the butt being cleansed, even if lingerie ads can show the majority of the model’s butt cheek we’d cringe if she had to wipe?

No, I think we all do it, we don’t necessarily want to think about it and we just know we need it. The biggest change in toilet paper in the last twenty years is the introduction of the 24 pack, so you never run out. We reach for it, it’s there. And if we don’t there better be a fresh roll within arm’s reach.

if not, only then, would it get noticed.



2 thoughts on “Plight of the TP

  1. I am TP obsessed I have to be stocked up as if Armageddon is coming and I won’t be able to shop. I had a dream last week that had a walk in pantry type of closet that was really well stocked with TP. ( i don’t have a walk in pantry). I was disappointed when I realised it was just a dream. My flatmate is very bad a buying TP , to encourage him I used to bring home a roll of toilet paper from work. ( which is about 1/2 ply and is very rough) that would get him off to the shops quicker than I could blink.

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