Amusingz 5

Why don’t they equip all gangs with paint ball guns and then they can run around shooting at each other and beautify the neighborhood at the same time.

I’ve gotten a lot of feed back lately from friends but it’s chicken feed and I’m not sure what to do with it.

I kept trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps but that just makes me fall over again.

If you put wall to wall carpeting on the ceiling, would it rain crumbs all the time?

When I was a kid I didn’t realize it was “aye” or “nay” that they were saying, I thought it was “I” and “neigh” and wondered why the choice between me and a horse.

If you Tweet your Facebook status, do you have to Follow yourself?

If Google married Yahoo their children would be Yoodelers.

Can a fortune cookie cancel out a horoscope?