Amusingz 7

Do canned tuna experience claustrophobia?

If there weren’t frames, would everyone’s home look like one giant refrigerator?

If “this land is your land, this land is my land” why do I have to pay rent?

How come nobody thinks to TP a house when the plumbing breaks?

Many psychologists believe that physically writing out affirmations can have a positive effect on the brain. But what is the opposite is true and the divorce rate is so high because of all the girls in junior high and middle school that wrote Mrs. (insert name of crush) over and over on their notebooks?

What would happen if a woman’s mascara just walked?

I wrote my congressman and he actually wrote back. But it wasn’t what I expected. I guess I shouldn’t have told him his pants were on fire.

If you paint the sky on the back of your drapes do nosy neighbors flip out because they suddenly think they’ve been transported inside  your house?

If Wheaties is the Breakfast of Champions, what should losers eat?