Did I Really Just Say That?



I’ve found myself in the company of younger people lately and I’ve also found myself saying “well you’re younger so you probably don’t remember…..” OMG, seriously did I just say that?!

It’s not like I feel old, in fact I feel fit and energetic, it’s just that I seem to need to qualify things when I know the person was alive in diapers when I’m relating the memory. Or I don’t know if they know Mork and Mindy to know where my comedy training comes from. Or I don’t know if they’ve ever seen a reel to reel recorder that I thought was so cool as a teenager (still do.) Or I don’t if they know Michael Jackson made a 45 record of Rockin Robin long before he made those amazing videos.

And I don’t think that I need to feel this way, I don’t seem to be boring them. I’ve always been able to entertain all age groups, but maybe I’m just paranoid that a young girl is going to think “He is like, soooo old” and I’m not even trying to flirt.

I just want to be careful. It’s easy to become cynical. Oh so easy, just watch the news. So as much as I have complained that there’s no storms in Southern California and it’s always sunny it’s really good for my disposition. Because I don’t want to be the guy that says “you think you got it tough because you don’t have an iPhone 5S? When I was a kid we walked ten miles to school, in the snow, with no boots, and….”


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