The Early Morning Flight


My flight leaves at 6:00am, I didn’t go to sleep because the shuttle was going to be there at 3:00am and I didn’t want to miss it. So tired, sleep deprived, the quiet of the airport as the passengers start to arrive, these are my thoughts.

  1. Why am I and others getting caffeine and sugar and then going to have to sit still for four hours?
  2. If they didn’t have Starbuck’s what would the airport smell like in the morning, the unbathed?
  3. Is being a pilot still really cool and do they make as much money as they did?
  4. What happened to the really hot flight attendants? Is there that many seasons of the bachelor?
  5. If they didn’t invent iPhones and iPads would other people be writing like me, or reading, or would they just be staring blankly like the dude next to me?
  6. Man I hope that woman doesn’t have the seat next to me, she’s rather large.
  7. That one neither.
  8. Holy, S*#t, especially not that one.