Amusingz 12

If you pop corn too hard does it turn into maize?

With all the adults saying things like “40 is the new 30,” can kids say “16 is the new 21” so they can drink sooner?

With all of the labeling on foods, why don’t they have instructions on how to get it out of you?

If you play multi-player solitaire are you just fooling yourself that you’re doing something social?

There was a phrase for television at one time, “the boob tube.” Now if that were true, that’s the kind of reality tv I’d watch.
I’ve never had it, does sweet corn taste that way or is it just really nice?
If you wrote a novel and it didn’t get published, then it should be called a novella. Because even though it means little, the word novella just sounds like something sad.
If two wrongs don’t make a right you might as well just go all the way